How many YouTube views and subscribers are enough to make a living and is worth like the average annual salary?

First of all, I would like to address your tone, I think you are new to YouTube or you are considering about starting a YouTube channel to earn money. That is good if you are researching about it, well no Big you tubers tell about their exact earnings from YouTube or their sponsorship video, if you want to know it, in reality, you must start a YouTube channel.
My suggestion if you really want to know about some YouTube channels earning summarily, here I can give you two methods, which can help you understanding  the actual value of a YouTube channel.

By reading this article you will be able to find out the answer to the following question, I have written these by considering the newcomer so I will not suggest any big number or big Data, I will explain it according to beginner point of view.

Question:- How much does a YouTuber with 1k-2k subscribers make?

Answer:- The average salary of a YouTuber with 1k-2k subscribers is $10,000 per year from Adsense. If the channel is getting 15k-20k view per 48 hours. 

1.       Select a YouTube channel that you want to analysis.
2.       Just copy the Channel user id that is a 14 character alphanumeric url. That appears on the Chrome browsers URL tab, if you visit that Channels Home page.
3.       Go to any one of these websites, for your satisfaction you can try both.
(a)    Influencer Marketing Hub, I will highly recommend this tool because it shows you the exact calculated data.
(b)   ESTIMATED YOUTUBE MONEY CALCULATOR BY SOCIALBLADE, You can use this tool as per your choice, but in my opinion, this doesn’t show the correct figure.
4.       You will find an interface like this.
Influencer Marketing Hub
Image Source : Influencer Marketing

5.       Just enter the copied 14 character alphanumeric url and press search.
6.       The result will appear like this, from where you can easily find out how many daily or monthly visitors comes to this channel and how much it earns from YouTube.
Influencer Marketing Hub
Image Source: Influencer Marketing
CONCLUSION:- This is an informative article to help those who don't know too much about youtube and online earning, Wixflix India is neither associated with Influencer Marketing Hub nor to Social Blade so if you really want to know more about theme just visit their site the link is given in the above article line.
                                                      Thanks for reading.

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