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The first poster for "Reject False Icons" - a Gorillaz documentary.

The first poster for "Reject False Icons" - a Gorillaz documentary, I think that some of their creative potentials is unlocked by working through these fictional avatars.
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First poster for Reject False Icons - a Gorillaz documentary.

The first poster for "Reject False Icons" - a Gorillaz documentary. 

Hey, non-Gorillaz fan here with a Gorillaz question: are you guys fans of the cartoon characters, or if the actual "band" behind them? Like, if Damon Albarn retires and it just becomes a rotating a showcase of Warner Music acts, would you still be into that if the music is still okay?
Both and neither; I like Gorillaz as a project which means the real people and the fictional people, they made, at the same time. The fictional people they made necessarily can't exist without the creators, but I wouldn't just call myself a fan of the creators because I think that some of their creative potentials is unlocked by working through these fictional avatars.
like Jamie Hewlett, I like Damon Albarn, but I love Gorillaz more than I'd say I like either of them.
As a fan, I think just a mix with Damon's vocals is probably a sweet spot. The Fall was received very poorly and it's mostly just Damon, Humanz has a few Damon tracks, I think the issue people have is the non-Damon tracks are pretty poor in quality, so maybe just needs better quality control? Who knows.
Songwriters don't get to pick when they write great music, it just comes to them. And oftentimes you hear a songwriter's best music during their first 2 albums since they have had a bunch of songs banked up to put out. Just happy Damon is still putting out some good tunes.

I don't even think it's that Damon has lost the ability to write "good" music, it's the mindset he has going into it.
The reason the first two records are so good and loved (aside from being great) is that they have a uniquely Gorillaz sound, they aren't trying to emulate any popular artist or genre, and "2D" is front, center and clear in the mix. They were meant to be Gorillaz songs. Damon and Jamie were also really smart about hiding themselves, so the music, and the characters they made, spoke for themselves, it wasn't just "that Blur side project by Damon."
Then Damon was going to do some side project that heavily featured other artists, it wasn't intended to be a Gorillaz record, he turned that into Plastic Beach.
And that pretty much ended "Gorillaz" as people knew it, because now Damon knew he could just experiment with whatever, could play live and do interviews whenever, add to his "resume" of artists he's worked with, slap a few 2D moans in there and people would eat that shit up.
Between The FallHumanz, and The Now Now, there are maybe 5 songs that sound like they could pass for what the Gorillaz used to feel like (not sound like, because everybody evolves) but what truly feels like a Gorillaz song.
Either way, looking forward to the documentary.

The band; which is a collective with tons of features. Gorillaz introduced me to so many artists and genres and Damon is a great songwriter. Demon Days is one of my top 3 albums
Personally, when I first started listening I just enjoyed the music. Then plastic beach came out and I realized they kind of have a triple threat going on.
There's the music, as a band, playing music. There are cartoons, playing music, as a timeline and story. And there's the MEANING of the song, often taking stances on things like pollution and society.
All three wrapped up into one band. Like, there's documentation of Damon Albarn trashing studios and blaming the cartoons. Tons of crap like that. Such an anomaly.
Edit: I lost some interest when they released their newer albums, for generic "it's not the same" reasons. I liked Damon, I didn't care for all these guest rappers and kind of lady gaga live events.

I don't understand the hype behind this band, they like to think they're as influential as the Beatles but they haven't made a decent record since like 2004/2005.
The premiere is at the bottom of the ocean in a pop-up theatre made out of 40000 BMX tires, tickets were sold in 1956 in a record store in Sudan, 10 minutes before it opened, my friend who has tickets couldn't go as had an impromptu brunch... So I guess I'll pop by.
It won’t be in the theatres one night. They’ll say one night to try and blow up the opening numbers then slowly add more and more than the release in Amazon like they did with the Trey Anastasio doc Between Me and My Mind. I had like 6 one night only.
Good now where's the part where we reject Damon Albarn for turning into a massive tool?

I'm still, kinda salty Plastic Beach never got finished in lieu of shitty road music. Their most recent album is the only one I'd say has maybe a SINGLE track I even moderately enjoyed, versus the previous ones that I can listen to the whole way through several times during a long car trip.

Hype mostly. Might as well spend the "marketing budget" you would normally spend on posters, interviews, ads, TV spots, etc on licensing a movie for a short release, then announce the next album or whatever you are selling.
Melanie Martinez did something similar, pretty much wrote a movie/connected-music-videos around the album and had a one-night theater showing, then released it on YouTube two days later. The theater was packed,  It was fun to see it on the big screen.

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