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[Godzilla vs. Kong] Release Date Pushed 8 Months to November 20, 2020

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[Godzilla vs. Kong] Release Date Pushed 8 Months to November 20, 2020

[Godzilla vs. Kong] Release Date Pushed 8 Months to November 20, 2020

Being in dark, rainy environments can look good. But maybe not when your subject is 300 stories tall. At that point, you've zoomed out enough that rain becomes mist, not individual droplets. It hazes the scene and makes it difficult to parse what's happening.
The lighting and color grading in the last film was also quite problematic (or monochromatic), making it hard to follow the action and even boring at times. Pacific Rim had bold neon lights or headlamps illuminating most of its major fight scenes, and it looked amazing because of such harsh directionality. King of the Monsters was often a dark, blue mess.

People always talk about the 2014 trailers being misleading, but they more or less captured the tone and vibe of the movie. KotM on the other hand, ugh. The use of Clair de Lune was perfect, and even though the corniness started to come through, the 3rd trailer with Over the Rainbow made me cry. They sold it as being so huge and epic, yet everything felt so small and fake. We saw what, like ten civilians the whole movie? Everything else was just empty and devoid of life, lacking any real drama or scope.
And you are spot on about the human characters. The only character who was treating everything seriously was Sally Hawkins and she gets killed after having like three lines. Everyone else is a caricature and a bad one at that. The only other person who seemed like they were trying was Bradley Whitford. He was able to make what would be the most obnoxious character on paper, into a moderately endearing scientist who doesn't want to be there just as much as the audience.

What first scared me about the KotM before seeing it in theaters was the marketing after the first trailer. The first trailer made it look very much like the 2014 Godzilla, and had me SUPER excited. 2014 Godzilla had the tone and monsters down but needed improvement on the human side and that first trailer for KotM really made it seem they perfected it. When they focused on the cheesy jokes and showed a whole lot of the fights in the rest of the marketing, I got nervous.
Unfortunately, my nervousness was warranted because that's exactly what the majority of the movie was. I laughed at maybe three of the jokes made, and I saw maybe three new fighting shots in the movie. I probably shouldn't have watched pretty much all the TV spots and featurettes but at the same time, I'm glad I knew what to expect when I walked into the theater. I missed the serious tone of the 2014 Godzilla movie, as I agree with you that it should be.

I just want them to go back to the vibe of 2014, serious, somber, and genuinely scary at times. I wouldn’t hate if it was more fun and campy like Skull Island, but 2014 genuinely had a unique identity and really got to the roots of what Godzilla is about. The human drama definitely could have been better fleshed out, but at least the monsters had weight, both physically and narratively. Aaron Taylor Johnson was too stoic, but I’d take that a million times over him making jokes while thousands of people are killed left and right. I get the appeal of having these movies be fun and campy but seeing monsters being treated like 9/11 and other disasters is IMO so much more interesting than making it into silly popcorn fare. It also really made it stand out compared to the MCU and other franchises which don’t take themselves seriously.

The teasing worked great in 2014. It really built suspense and made the final fight so much better. It didn’t work at all in KotM though, especially because the final fight wasn’t all that good, to begin with.
The only reason I can think of is that the monsters are really expensive to render and animate, and showing them for too long at a stretch threatens to send the budget spiraling out of control, but then I remember King of the Monsters cost about as much as Kong: Skull Island, and that movie's not at all cowardly about showing its monster fights while still telling a nice human story that doesn't get in the way.

I think people like to say this on account of Breaking Bad had just had its finale. Cranston is a fine actor but his character in 2014 Godzilla works just fine if he dies when he did. The issue is that the real protagonist of the film is a robotic soldier with no charisma. He doesn't stand out against the other half dozen of stoic soldiers that he spends most of the film with. The kooky mad professor type that Cranston played is a fun character but isn't really good for a protagonist.

The human drama of Godzilla (2014) was really compelling until they killed off their most interesting character. I still liked the movie overall, but I think it could have been borderline great if Bryan Cranston made it through most of it.

Godzilla 2014 is often critiqued for having too much human drama, but the core of the film is very simple - it's a guy trying to get home, and the journey takes him through the path of destruction. Simple, and it gets the viewer from setpiece to setpiece.
Skull Island is more complex, but it's also full of enjoyable actors who are all going completely wild. Jackson, Goodman, and Riley are iconic character actors making huge choices - and they're really fun to watch against a constantly changing backdrop of creatures & locales.

I think Godzilla will get one good hit in with the breath that will certainly fuck kong up, but his durability will naturally increase as he grows, just like the other Titans, so it won't cripple him immediately. Then he'll be smart and fast enough to not get hit again, or at least not take a lethal hit.
I have no doubt that, logically, Godzilla would take the battle - but Kong is going to put up a good fucking fight. I mean, look at the comics - Kong was literally born on the battlefield while his mother and father fought off hundreds of skull crawlers. His species is made up of huge badasses, and he'll have grown up on skull island - alone - fucking up other Kaiju for upwards of hundreds of years. Hell, we've got confirmation that he'll be surviving an encounter with a god of death in the next comic. It's safe to say grown-up Kong is going to be more battle-hardened than 1973 teenager Kong.

Most Marvel movies it’s abundantly clear when they switch to digital doubles for me. I also love CGI and the process so I pay closer attention. Clearly, the average moviegoer doesn’t care or notice. But I do think Marvel is a mixed bag with CGI. You get your Thanos’ but you also, get your Black Panther rhinos.
Kong: Skull Island did it all in clear daylight, and it still looked good. Where Pacific Rim 2 failed was the animation and recreating the slowness and weightiness of how the giant robots and kaiju should move IRL.
Damn, I somehow never saw the overall reviews of KOTM but really enjoyed it myself. Reading this thread I may have been the only one. Like it wasn’t a deep plot or anything but it was exactly what I was hoping it’d be (with a tad too much-forced humor).
I was just thinking about how there has been no trailers and such when there were only like 3 months to go until March. Guess was to be expected but DANG. Going all the way to November next year? Thought for sure, if anything, beginning of Summer to kick off Summer and be a Summer blockbuster and such. Oh well.
People always complain about this, but it's a technique to make the CGI blend more easily. It's a big reason why the Pacific Rim sequel looked worse than the first movie despite coming out years later.
Kong's been known for his ability to take a beating before, he's also got a significant maneuverability edge on Godzillennial. Overall I give 4-1 odds on Godzilla, but I assume it will end in a draw.
Aside from that how are they even going to fight? One atomic breath-form Godzilla should put a hole in Kong or greatly incapacitate him, in those old movies it worked because they were more cartoonish but now with these versions, Godzilla should stomp, I wonder what kind of downgrade nonsense will get Godzilla fighting Kong.
I heard somewhere that Kong is supposed to be growing, which makes sense because this movie won't work out otherwise, but I have no proof of it.
I hated how it kept wanting me to sympathize with their edgelord eco-terrorist mom. At first, I was really interested when she pulled the trigger to release Ghidorah because I thought they were making her a real villain, but then they kept trying to make her sympathetic and sad. It was very tonally confusing in that way.

Anytime a monster was on screen, great. Awesome, even. The rest of the time... well, the script could've used an editor. Aside from some really weird pacing and intercutting, they should have either lost or combined a few characters, and their motivations were beyond bone-headed.
The human story didn’t bother me at all. It was stupid, but I’ve seen stupider. And it’s easy for me to watch Vera Farmiga. The movie just totally delivered on Kaiju's action and staggering visuals.
In Skull Island the main character was actually the titular character. I could not give less of a fuck about the humans in Godzillas movies and if they want us to give them interesting background like Reilly had.
Do what Kong Skull Island did - just make a big, loud, flashy, dumb movie with a be-bearded John C. Reilly added for some color. That's all you need, baby. Don't be complicating this shit.

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