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DoLittle official character posters out with Iron Man.

DoLittle official character posters out with Iron Man.
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DoLittle official character posters [New Look]

DoLittle official character posters [New Look]

Are we gonna ignore the fact that he's literally playing his Sherlock character, down to the wardrobe, hair, and accent, but stuffing it into a movie, nobody is asking for? Because my tin foil hat says halfway through this lighthearted kids movie, Jude Law BUSTS into the local zoo states "there you are, finally. Did anyone actually believe you, you of all people, with your annoying, self resilient, did I say annoying, ways, would actually, stay dead? We all know fate isn't that kind to either of us. Not that either of us believes in fate, but you catch my meaning, no? Anyway, come now, your services are desperately needed." He walks back through the nearby gate stops turn around slightly, and says, "btw, so nice to see you" as a police chief comes to brief "Dolittle," whom of which is still knelt over with a stethoscope against a giraffe surrounded by a school yard crowd, regarding a string of brutal murders of ladies of the night, one of who survived an attack and is to be questioned, but may not live much longer. "The time is now, Sherlock. Btw, so nice to see you."

The children in the scene suddenly hush, overcome with horror. The children in your local theaters? Even more horror.
The assistant doctor looks mortified. Even the giraffe with it's wide eyes and open mouth (exposed tongue obviously black) looks aghast.
The scene is silent. Is this truly the famed Sherlock? Or a lookalike? Everyone pauses, even Gerry, our sickly long-necked friend.
Then, suddenly, "Dolittle" slowly rises, fiddles with a pocket watch that doesn't work, and says, "right, so it is then, right on time. It seems as though I need to make a house call, everyone." And walks toward the gates.

If this abomination is a secret Sherlock sequel in disguise, even I would go see it, and I hate those Sherlock movies.
I don’t know, I didn’t Sherlock from the trailer at all, if anything I got the idea he’s doing an impression of the original Dr. Dolittle, and a pretty good one at that. That was a pretty good intro for a new Sherlock movie though, should sell that to some exec in LA.
It is odd-looking. They probably realized that a realistically sized squirrel head would be too small in comparison to Ironman's dome, and they wouldn't be able to convey emotion without being 5" from its face. Probably should have left the squirrel out.

I actually worry that it'll be this year's The Greatest Showman. Families will see it because it's the only thing the kids can agree on, and it'll be just okay enough that it'll get multiple viewings from people.
I believe that being an actor is no different to being a construction worker, save my tools are the mechanisms that trigger human emotion”
His Marvel contract gave him a percentage of the box office take. He made $50 million on Avengers then did four more movies that also grossed more than a billion dollars. Endgame is the highest-earning film ever. Downey never has to work again if he doesn't want to.

I feel like this would have been a stronger sell at the box office if it got The Addams Family/Grinch treatment. There’s not a whole lot of demand for a big-budget reboot of Dr. Doolittle. But kids would eat it up in that animation style.
Damn. That actually would have been a very smart move but people have had such a hard-on for RDJ lately, I can't even blame studios for doing this. Using star power can really help build hype. Ask the Cyberpunk 2077 marketing team.
Just make the main character an animated replica of Robert Downey Jr. with his voice, and pay him accordingly - like Keanu in Cyberpunk.
You still get the star power of having RDJ, with the advantages that he can do the same job for cheaper since he can do it in his pajamas.
They should've hired proper voice actors instead of celebs and then use the rest of the money for the CGI.
Like, why hire someone like Selena Gomez who is at her best day mediocre actor when you can get someone to do a lot better job cheaper?
RDJ is the one selling the movie, the voice actors are irrelevant.

Honestly wild that when finally faced with a Marvel-free schedule, RDJ - a man who never needs to work another day in his life and would have probably gotten a blank check to make whatever the hell he wanted to do - picked THIS.
It’s kind of fascinating, isn’t it? What’s the play here? -Take the biggest bucks for whatever while he’s hot? -Get into a non-MCU movie as quickly as possible that will draw the under-18 crowd so he doesn’t spend the rest of his career being known only as Iron Man? -He owed someone a HUGE favor? -Be in something that will appeal to his younger kids? -He likes the script? (Ok, maybe that’s a reach.)

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