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A new IMAX poster for Star Wars: The Rise of Skywalker

A new IMAX poster for Star Wars: The Rise of Skywalker. It really seemed like Snoke was going to be Palpatine 2.0 but then it went nowhere.
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A new IMAX poster for Star Wars: The Rise of Skywalker

The Rise of Skywalker

It really seemed like Snoke was going to be Palpatine 2.0 but then it went nowhere.
In Empire Strikes Back, we find out Vader has a master that he answers too. It's just one scene with Palpatine as a hologram. We didn't know who he was but it really wasn't important to the movie so we didn't really care until Return Of The Jedi when Vader tells the Officer "The Emperor is coming. You better get on schedule with this Death Star. The Emperor is not as forgiving as I am." Then we got a sense of intimidation. This Emperor is above Vader. He's going to be important in this movie.
In The Force Awakens, we find out Kylo has a master. There's nothing intimidating about Snoke. He's just some random old dude that Kylo complains about his problems with this "girl" too. Snoke looks old and has a battle scar. The audience is wondering "Where has this guy been during these past two trilogies. He's a JJ Abrams Mystery Box. A the end of the movie, he says "Bring him to me. I will complete his training." Which makes me think he's going to be important in the future and train Kylo. But none of that happens in The Last Jedi.

That's what happens when you don't have the narrative for an entire trilogy laid out beforehand, and instead, bring in different writers/directors for each film that have their own ideas on what should happen next. Kathy K and JJ should have storyboarded the entire trilogy. Also, they probably should have brought on someone who was a star war fanatic for consulting (Dave comes to mind), and to be like, "yeah none of this is a good idea."
But then again George hired Micheal Arndt(Toy Story 3, Oblivion) to do a full-on script and Kathleen ousted him because Bob wanted a release as soon as possible to appease Disney shareholders

In the EU, Palpatine does clone himself and fights Luke Skywalker again, but it was done in a way that actually made sense and didn't have middlemen like Snoke who were empty filler because the writers sucked and were hoping to lead people with plastic carrots
It's sort of ironic that Disney is having to borrow villains from the original trilogy and recycle plot points from the EU just to save face. They could have just made a Thrawn trilogy and made every Star Wars fan on the planet happy, but I guess that would have been too easy and profitable.
I mean, that's kinda their fault. The EU was full of stories of the New Republic hunting down former Imperial leaders who went rogue and became warlords, so it's not like it'd be impossible to flip the roles and have a genuinely interesting conflict that was different than the original trilogy.
And other factions who had their own agenda like the Hapans, Ssi-Ruuk, Thrawn’s people, the Corporate Sector, the bug hives from a book that I never read, and then the Yuzhan Vong.
Don't forget about Black Sun and the Shadow Collective. A crime syndicate allied with the Sith would have been way more interesting than the rebranded Empire vs Rebels crap we ended up with.
The most sensible was the x-wing series. Taking place with the Empire still a powerhouse, but the rebel alliance was formidable enough to actually have some straight-up engagements.
I think the next best would have been some version of Jedi Academy.

They could have done The New Republic vs an empire remnant insurgency (role reversal). Would have been very easy and would have parallels with real-world issues of terrorism etc.
I mean... that's basically what the old EU (Legends) did.
The New Republic vs. Imperial Remnant, 15 additional years of war after RotJ against several Imperial warlords leading various (and competing) military factions of varying sizes, power, and threat.

A cold war fought via proxies would have been fucking awesome. What if both the First Order and New Republic had death stars but couldn't use them. Then it would actually make sense to have the Resistance be ragtag fighters the Republic couldn't openly fund.
I wish the Star Wars galaxy would just explode politically. Why would systems trust the New Republic or the First Order? The Empire falling should have been the Fall of Rome, shattered into dozens of smaller system alliances and the.

That's false. There was no plot outlined for all 3 movies according to JJ Abrams and Rian Johnson. They had free reins to do what they wanted with Force Awakens and The Last Jedi, which is the problem. Star Wars needed someone like Kevin Feige.

It's like the last major tie to the OT. They basically dedicated much of the last film, SOLO, to it with a variant version. JJ has a knack of blowing up starships too. It's a perfect storm of shit that will doom the Falcon.

No way Disney is going to kill off characters that are basically an infinite source of action figures. You can't make many action figures out of Old Harrison Ford, but Older Millennium Falcon? That's a gold mine.

At this point, I'm down for whatever. This whole thing is basically Fast and Furious where the stupider it gets the more likely we are to have good individual and entertaining scenes, and however, it all comes together is nobody's business but nobody.

I mean, yeah, if we aren't going to get a good original story with interesting new characters, just give me that. It's way better than turning Luke Skywalker into a pussy so Rian Johnson and Kathleen Kennedy can make some contrived statements about the patriarchy.
I still can't imagine what Disney was thinking greenlighting that. "We'll surely sell more merchandise by making Luke Skywalker a pitiful, depressed, disillusioned pacifist and having zero lightsaber battles. Fans will LOVE that."

I would have been interested in it if it came up Ben Solo being some sort of self-mutilator to become like Vader like for real, but him putting the whole helmet back together gives it more significance than what was implied before. Putting that much care into putting it together again is a kind of the pathology that I'm afraid this movie will not explain.

Because if it was just being like Vader than that the specific helmet wouldn't mean anything to him. It would be all aesthetic to him. He could just get another one. J.J. wrote it in TFA to be an aspirational symbol to become Vader, Rian destroyed it because he thought it was stupid and that Ben Solo should be enough, but putting it back together is just a bizarre move cause, after all, that's transpired since that helmet specifically had no sentimental value if he was so quick to destroy it in the first place.
but putting it back together is just a bizarre move cause, after all, that's transpired since that helmet specifically had no sentimental value if he was so quick to destroy it in the first place.

I am pretty sure he's quick to destroy it because he's snokes bitch at that point and is pretty fuckin torn up and on top of that just got dressed down hard time.
It doesn't mean that it's not important to him, by virtue of him putting it back together that proves that it means something to him.
J.J has talked about how the rebuilt mask is inspired by the Japanese art of rebuilding pottery, that the marks and cracks become part of its story. Its fragility reveals a deeper meaning etc.
It essentially means that kylo is trying to hide away behind his fanboy persona again but the cracks show that he is mentally fragile etc. I assume this will be explored.

I actually dug the way they acknowledged it being an artifact of him being a Vader wannabe and he destroyed it in a rage-filled embarrassment. He needs a good reason to put it back together though. Maybe someone else will go about wearing it in a sequence to pretend they're him?
I don’t dislike the new movies either but am I the only one that feels/felt like Disney was winging the new trilogy. Like no plans just throwing “cool” costumes, big mysterious villains, action scenes together to see what happens?

Not hating I actually liked TLJ a lot but Rian Johnson kills off Snoke and destroys the Kylo mask in the 2nd one only for the mask to be rebuilt (from the trailers) in the 3rd?
Did Disney not tell Rian to talk to JJ about the story or were they just like “ok your turn do whatever you want we don’t care because we know it’ll make money!”

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